The real arrival to Graefl Manor begins upon turning onto the tree-lined road at Kétúzköz Welcome Sign, giving an indication that it is time to slow down. This is exactly what gives Kétútköz real charm: we are surrounded by agricultural lands, experiencing all vibrations of nature, the changing of the seasons, all the colours of the sunset and we can go to sleep under the light of thousands of bright stars in a castle, which keeps centuries-old legends. Graefl Manor has an incomparable sense of timelessness, with a twist of sustainable perception, which means not only a return to the roots, but a creation of a path that we dreamed for ourselves in the belief that this way is the only right path. We would like to set an example, help to explore (again) the real tastes of ingredients and share our experiences with visitors how to connect with nature through our breath. We are proud that our efforts were awarded with Michelin green star in 2023.

Uniquely in Hungary, we run a zero kilometre kitchen, which means that all ingredients, from meats through pickled vegetables and artisanal cheese to the finishing touch of flower petals on your plate, are sourced from our bio-diverse manor and the surrounding 40 hectares estate, which is enriched by woodlands and pastures. We always eat what nature provides us. It is more than just simple seasonality, we eat what nature gives us on a particular day. Our creative chef is always ready to adapt our mouth-watering dishes to the currently available ingredients. We indulge ourselves in developing new ideas from a constantly refreshed palate of produce, which we grow, rear, and forage ourselves.

In Graefl Manor, our guests can experience the journey of the ingredients: what is the daily life on an organic farm, where does it come from what ends up on our tables. Walking along the pens, we can witness how humane and ethical livestock farming are realized in practice. In our workshop, we use all the treasures of the estate, because real art lies in this. We make sausages from our premium organic meats, carefully process all parts of the animal, and serve or freeze them immediately. Vegetables and fruits are preserved by canning, pickling, fruit syrups and jams are prepared, and thanks to the diligent work of our bees, we harvest honey as well. Our aim is that not only the taste of the food, but also our philosophy will remain in our guests’ memories for a long time, because eating and cooking with the greatest consideration for the environment and animal welfare is a wonderful and exceptional thing.


Graefl Castle in Kétútköz

The castle is situated in ten hectares of beautiful parkland in the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain, surrounded by sunflower and wheat fields.




Our Restaurant

Contemporary and organic “slow food” haute cuisine


Graefl Apartments

Set amongst the parkland are four traditional Hungarian cottages, providing accommodation for 16 people.




About the Manor

Self-sustaining farm, commitment to sustainability




We organise concerts, theatrical evenings and fashion shows linked with our gastronomic experience and wine-tasting to offer enjoyable, entertaining and memorable evenings.
The castle is a stunning venue for wedding receptions and ceremonies.
The romantic chapel is perfect for weddings and baptisms.



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Written by our guests


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